Monday, 20 February 2017

End of Week 39 - A Spring in my Step

Good day everyone. WOW it's the 20 February already!

Andy and I had a date night on Saturday - we went to see Amy Schumer - she was hilarious!

I really do have a Spring in my step - certainly have a way better stride and can keep up with the hubster!  No more wobbling about for me :-)  I feel so much happier and have a way more positive out look on life in general.

Anyways, here's the workouts.

Last Wednesday I had a mammogram done, and we had a major snowstorm.  It took me 2 hours to do a 20 minute trip to the clinic!  I didn't feel like my workout when I got back and I didn't go to the gym either.

As you can see I am up yet another level on the fitness scale - to 61 :-)  Getting fitter and fitter.  Will have to do some more measurements too!

In fact here goes!  As I reached my first major goal last week - let's see how I'm doing :-)

And while we are at it, how about some comparison photos :-)

21 May 2016 the start!        

 26 Nov 2016 - 6 months on!


First Major goal - 160 lb
9 months down the road.


There you have it - progress :-)

Best get on with that weigh in :-)

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 38
160 lb

Weight this Week
159 lb

Weight Loss
1 lb

Weight Loss Total
61 lb

So happy to still see it coming off and of course you can really see the difference in me :-)

Pssst - Hubby has now lost 15lb since 9 Jan when he joined me on this journey - go hubster xx

I hope you all have a fabulous week.

Quote of the Day

"Take pride in how far you've come.
Have faith in how far you can go.
But don't forget to enjoy the journey."
Michael Josephson (Lecturer/speaker - former law professor)

Monday, 13 February 2017

End of Week 38 - Goal! and a new one!

Happy Monday everyone.

Here we are another week gone and into the middle of February we go.

Do you have any plans for Valentines Day tomorrow?  I am off out with the hubster for a Valentines Hockey night LOL!

We have had lots of snow this past weekend and still more in the forecast, can't wait for Spring to arrive.

Short and sweet this week. lets see the work outs :-)

I've upped the game again, and reached 60 on the fitness scale for the Treadclimber - more about that HERE.  Only another 8 and I will reach excellent fitness level :-)

I am enjoying going to the gym too and already seeing some improvement in my overall strength.

It's weigh in time!

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 37
161 lb

Weight this Week
160 lb

Weight Loss
1 lb

Weight Loss Total
60 lb

Whoop Whoop - I did it !!!  I reached my first major goal !!  I have not been that weight since 2002, yep you read that correctly 2002!!

So, I have decided to set a new goal.  Canada is celebrating it's 150th year this year, on the 1st July, Canada Day, with lot's of celebrations.  

So, guess what my next goal is going to be?   

I have set my next goal as 150 lb.  Do you think I can do that by July 1st?  I know it is going to get harder the lower I get, but I can do this.  150lb is 10st 10lb in UK measurements and I haven't been that weight since I joined the RAF in 1987! yep you read that right too! 30 years since I was at that weight!!

Onwards and downwards and I really appreciate those of you that are encouraging me on this journey, thank you.

Quote of the Day

"Happiness is not something
ready made.
It comes from your own actions."
Dalai Lama

Monday, 6 February 2017

End of Week 37 - Great Week

Happy Monday everyone.

Hope you had a fabulous week.

I have had a great week this week and even had some treats.  It is Emily's 16th Birthday today, so on Saturday we went out for a meal and it was her choice to visit East Side Marios (pasta, pizza, salads) for her birthday meal.

The rules changed recently in Canada that all restaurants (over 20 places), by law, have to give calorific and nutritional information on all their menu items. This makes it so much easier for me, as I was able to check online first and make my choices before even getting to the restaurant.  I had a delicious Tuscan Chicken Salad.

Andy and I also went down to our Winter Festival in Ottawa - Winterlude. It is our annual festival that runs over 2 weeks to celebrate Winter Canadian Style.  Thought I would share a few photo's from our walk around the Crystal Garden.

 Canada is celebrating it's 150th Birthday this year :-)

 In progress, it was amazing to watch them cutting the ice!

 Look at the detail!  Can you believe that is all ice!


 Was in awe of this amazing peacock!

 This beautiful wall as we walked into the gardens.

 A Beaver tail - we shared one :-) For those of you non-Canadian's, think of it as a flat donut :-)

And just the two of us, standing in front of the carved 150 :-)
Happy Birthday Canada

Anyway, enough of the photos :-)

The workouts.

Let's weigh in.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 36
163.5 lb

Weight this Week
161 lb

Weight Loss
2.5 lb

Weight Loss Total
59 lb

I am 1 lb away from my first major goal - whoop whoop LOL!

I am going to set another goal once I reach that 160 lb, more about that when I get there :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Quote of the Day (Shared by I am Enough Coaching)

"Sometimes the smallest step
in the right direction
ends up being the
biggest step of your life.
Tiptoe if you must,
take a step."
Naeem Callaway (Pastor and blog Author "Spiritual Inspiration")

Monday, 30 January 2017

End of Week 36 - A little and some measurements :-)

Good Morning/afternoon/evening everyone :-)

Hope you are all doing well and had a good week.

The gym is going really well and I am actually enjoying going.  I think once you start going regularly you tend to want to go more.  I have made a point of going to the gym as soon as I have dropped Emily at school.  That way, I don't go home and just end up doing other stuff.

I have still been doing my Treadclimber in the early mornings as my cardio work out and the gym has a little bit of cardio but mainly strength exercises.

Here's the workouts :-)

You'll notice that on Friday I did two gym sessions.  That's because I had been in the morning and decided to go along with hubby in the evening too :-)

On to the weigh in.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 35
164 lb

Weight this Week
163.5 lb

Weight Loss
0.5 lb

Weight Loss Total
56.5 lb

So a little half pound weight loss this week.

I decided that I would do my measurements too this week, to see how I have done since the last measurement check in.

This is good to see and a reminder that what I am doing is continuing to make a difference.  So even though I only had a small weight loss this week I feel good about where I am going :-)

What keeps you motivated when you only have a small weight loss?  I know the lower I get in my weight the harder I will have to work, but as this is a life change not just a quick fix, the slower I lose the better chance I have of keeping it off in the long term.

To think that just 8 months ago, I was having difficulty just walking around to do the weekly shop and now I am not out of breath, or in pain and I look forward to each new day.  

I Am Enough Coaching on Facebook posted a great request the other week - use one word to describe how you are feeling at this present moment in time.  Do you know what my answer was?

I am contented.  Because that is how I feel about my life, I have a fabulous husband who is always there for me and supports me, and I have two amazing daughters who always make me so proud of who they are, and what they have achieved.  I love my life :-)

Have a great week.

Another Quote shared by Steve from the I Am Enough Facebook page.

"It's a terrible thing, I think, in life,
to wait until you're ready.
I have this feeling now that actually
no one is ever ready to do anything.
There is almost no such thing as ready.
There is only now.
And you may as well do it now.
Generally speaking,
now is as good a time as any."
Hugh Laurie (Actor)

Monday, 23 January 2017

End of Week 35 - A weakling I am :-)

Well hello there.  Hope you have all had a fabulous week.

So, as I mentioned last week I have started going to the gym.  I knew I had no physical strength, but wow - I am such a weakling LOL!

Anyways, I know that I will definitely benefit from doing the circuit training, my body certainly hasn't rejected it ;-)  I just need to get used to using muscles that I never knew I had :-)

I started off on the Monday night with the introduction phase and then Tuesday morning met up with one of the instructors who took me through the machines and some additional exercises I could do to improve my strength.  He was very helpful and I was raring to go.

I have added a column to my workout graph to show the Gym sessions I do.  Saturday morning I actually went along with hubby - it's so nice to do something together :-)

My intention this week is to actually go along every morning, straight from the school run, as well as keeping up with my Treadclimber workouts too.

The gym time included a warm up and cool down session on the elliptical machine.

Let's get to the weigh in then.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 34
165 lb

Weight this Week
164 lb

Weight Loss
1 lb

Weight Loss Total
56 lb

That's another pound in the right direction - and the equivalent to 4 stone in UK measures  LOL!

Do you ever get those days when all you do is snack?  I had a couple of days like that this week!  I did account for it all in my daily reckoning of food, and then got back on track the following day.

What do you do to overcome those craving/snack attacks?  Any tips?  Let me know how you deal with those times.

Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous week.

I am sharing a great inspirational quote this week, from the I am Enough Facebook page - when I need that little bit of encouragement or inspiration that's where I go :-)  Thank you Steve.

Quote of the Day
"I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination."
Jimmy Dean (singer, television host and business man)