Monday, 26 June 2017

End of Week 57 - Getting my Walk on :-)

Happy Monday everyone.

I have been making the most of my times between rain storms this week.  The good thing about the rain - we seeded some grassy/muddy areas this week, so at least we haven't had to go out and water.
Looks as if this week is pretty much the same, although still time to fit in those outside walks.

School is officially out for Summer - although Shannon finished end of April, Emily finished this past week with end of semester exams.  They both go back the day after Labour Day.  Although, I will have a road trip and stopover with Shannon towards the end of August to get her settled once again at college residence.

Shannon has a busy couple of weeks now, she has Drivers Ed this week - yes finally!  Then she is away for 5 days visiting a friend :-)

I also forgot to mention, Shannon and I got our first tattoo's at the beginning of June :-)

We had discussed it quite a lot and I wanted to do this with her.  So, here they are...

Mine - Love is Infinite

Shannon's - imperfections

These photo's were taken straight after us having them done.  They have healed nicely and we have to go back for a little touch up in the middle of July.

Yes the e in the word imperfections is reversed - hence the imperfection. It also means a lot to Shannon and was part of how we chose what we wanted to have done.  It had to mean something to us :-)

Let's get on with those workouts.

Only at the gym twice, however did fit in 3 Nordic Walks, with the last two being 10km or thereabouts.  When I got back after my walk on Saturday, I had missed the 10km by .05km - LOL! Therefore, on Sunday I walked a little further and took it over the 10km :-)

Let's get onto that weigh in :-)

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 56
143 lb

Weight this Week
142 lb

Weight Loss
1 lb

Weight Loss Total
78 lb

Weight lost - and nearly there.  Come on I can do this!

Although, when you think about it, I have done it. 

I am healthier, fitter and feel so good compared to this time last year.  I have noticed that even in this humid weather, I am coping much better without all that extra weight to carry about.  I think I have found my happy place :-)

Have a great week everyone.

Quote of the Day

"What you get by achieving your goals
is not as important as
what you become by achieving your goals."
Henry David Thoreau (Essayist, poet, philosopher)

Monday, 19 June 2017

End of Week 56 - Maintain and a first!

Happy Monday everyone.

Going to be a bit of a short post this week.  Just checking in really.

Shannon and I intend to hit the gym in the mornings this week - as often as we can.  We seem to really not feel like going in the evenings lately :-)

I wanted to share something funny and a first.

This past weekend, hubby and I were being silly and I said you'll have to try picking me up LOL!

Well, for the first time ever!!! he actually picked me up and carried me around the house!  You might think well what's good about that.  So, you see, I have never been this weight with my husband - in fact haven't been this weight since I left school in 1983!  We laughed about this and the fact that he was able to do it, I would never have let him even try at my old weight LOL!

On to the work outs.

As you can see, I only made it to the gym once this week.  However, I did do 4 Nordic Walks and 2 of those were 10km!

I use MapMyWalk to record my walking, but for some reason on those 10km walks it doesn't record the first 5km properly and when I pause to take a drink, it puts the distance as the crow flies!  So, when I get back I have to change it manually as it only records an 8km walk and the times are all wrong.  Luckily it records the time you start the workout, so I just check the time I get back and use those to enter the details.  Don't know if it's a glitch or what, but I'm going to see if I can get an arm band for my phone, to see if maybe something is happening when it is stored in the pouch I carry round my waist with the water bottle.

Onto the weigh in.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 55
143 lb

Weight this Week
143 lb

Weight Loss
0 lb

Weight Loss Total
77 lb

A maintain. That's ok!  It has been a very hot and humid week, so I'm thinking it maybe a bit of fluid retention.  I know my water intake hasn't been as good as normal this week too.  

Always good to drink plenty of fluids, so will try harder this week.  

Will try and get in some more walks this week, as I am enjoying the fresh air and I just switch off to the world and just go for it.  Providing it's not too humid I should be good to go :-)

I hope that you all have a fabulous week.

Quote of the Day

"Stay focused,
go after your dreams
keep moving towards your goals."
LL Cook J (American Rapper)

Monday, 12 June 2017

End of Week 55 - Walking Walking and more Walking.

Hi there everyone - hope you have had a great week.

Our temperatures have risen dramatically over the last few days - with heat warnings in place as the humidity levels reach 40c (104f) today.

The rest of the week is still to be very warm but hope I can get some outside exercise done, as I do enjoy my walks.

I am going straight into the work outs for this week.

I managed to get 4 Nordic Walks in this past week and managed to beat my record.  The Friday night walk was a little slower as hubby came with me and we tend to natter on the way around LOL!

Three good sessions at the gym too.

Weather permitting I am going to try and get a couple of 10k walks in this week - lets see how that goes eh! :-)

Onto the weigh in.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 54
144 lb

Weight this Week
143 lb

Weight Loss
1 lb

Weight Loss Total
77 lb

Another 1 lb down and a week closer to that final goal.

It will soon be the summer holidays here.  Shannon has been home from college since the end of April and has lost 10lb - go Shannon.

Emily has two weeks left in in school, with next week being end of Semester exams. Then she will be off school for 10 1/2 weeks summer break.

So that's it for this week - I am happy with who I am and what I have achieved.  Feeling good about myself and life :-)

Have a great week everyone.

Quote of the day.

"Happiness is when you
feel good about yourself
without feeling the need for
anyone else's approval."
Author Unknown

Monday, 5 June 2017

End of Week 54 - Mind over Mirror!

Hello everyone.

Monday morning here in Canada and raring to go for another week.  Weather certainly needs to improve though - it was quite chilly over the weekend and for today, but meant to improve over the week.

So this week my post is about self image after losing a lot of weight.

This is what I see in the mirror. (Taken Feb 2017, will do a new photo soon)

But in my mind I, sometimes, still see this!

It's difficult, isn't it.  I know I have lost all this weight and feel great most days.  But some days, my mind plays tricks on me and I still see the old me.

I look in the mirror and see the new me, but when I'm just sitting down or just pottering around - I still see the imperfection - the fat me!  I have to admit not all the time, but it feels like my mind is trapping me in my old self image. 

I need to focus on the now, who I am now and what I have achieved.

Friends have said how good I look, and even though all my life I have found it difficult to accept a compliment, I have been trying to acknowledge those compliments from friends with a positive "I feel fabulous, thank you."  

Apparently, it is quite a common scenario this "double image" and it is something that I have to overcome.

I will have to keep telling myself that this is the new me, I can do this.  The reason I got rid of all my fat clothes a couple of months ago - is so that if I put a little weight back on - I can't put the old clothes back on - I have to adjust myself!

Now I just need to adjust my mind!

Anyways, lets get on with the workouts.

And the weigh in.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 53
144 lb

Weight This Week
144 lb

Weight Loss
0 lb

Weight Loss Total
76 lb

A maintain - which I am fine with.

I am giving myself till the 1st July - what ever I weigh on the 1st of July is going to be my goal.  I will do measurements and final photos then too.  I will endeavour  to stay within a 10lb range around that weight - I think that will be achievable.  I will also concentrate more on maintaining and toning what I have achieved.

I can eat normally and healthily (the occasional treat will be there too), continue to exercise and maintain my weight for the future me. 

After all, this is about me - no one else can do this for me - so "mind" listen up "this is the new me - so deal with it - OK!" :-)

Thanks for your continued support.

Have a great week.

Quote of the Day

"Your body can stand
almost anything.
It's your mind that
you have to convince."
Author Unknown

Monday, 29 May 2017

End of Week 53 - Guilty, Not Guilty, Fear of Failing!

Hi everyone.  Hope you are all well.

Summer seems to come and go here at the moment, but the weather is definitely changing for the better and that makes me feel good.

I have a few things I want to talk about this week and not really sure where I'm going with it, but any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.

How do you stop feeling guilty when you have a treat?  Should I even be feeling guilty?

After all, I changed the way I eat so that I don't class it as a diet, but more healthy eating and being aware of what I am eating.  So why feel guilty?!

I think it stems from so many years of  eating unhealthily and not caring what I was eating. Also, using food as a comfort and coping mechanism when things weren't going right in my life!  Now that I find myself on the healthier side of life and almost to goal, the fear is setting in - what if I fail?!

So, I have had to give myself a talking to this week, to try and get my mind set in the right place.

I have in no way, failed!  How can I have failed?

I have lost so much weight, I know that I feel 100% better than I have ever felt and I did this for me!

I believe I have taken the right steps.  I found two great blog posts about having that treat and found them very helpful.  Here are the Links,  "Food and Guilt" on the Hungry Healthy Happy blog and this one "You can stop feeling guilty about liking food" on the Sean Flanagan Fitness and Nutrition blog.

Sometimes, you just need a reminder that it is ok to feel like this and that you can do something about it.

A few of the key points I picked up from these two posts are :-

  1. Move away from the notion that there is "good" and "bad" food!  Food is neither and labeling it as such, gives the food control!  You are in control not the food!
  2. Remind myself that eating is about balance.  Have I had an otherwise healthy eating week, having that slice of cake and coffee is not bad.  Don't look at every food choice and analyse it, not every food you eat has to be "perfect".
  3. It's about choices that are right for me, and enjoying them and forming good habits.  Life shouldn't be full of guilt. Life is for living and for being happier with who I am.
  4. Skip the guilt :-)

So, I am in control is my new mantra :-)  I am doing this, I have done this, I have got this :-)

As the post is getting rather long I'll save the next bit till next week - all about image!

Onto the workouts.

Yep - that was 3 hours of gardening on Saturday!  Moving bricks, plants and a whole lot of other stuff :-)

Weigh in time.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 52
144.5 lb

Weight this Week
144 lb

Weight Loss
0.5 lb

Weight Loss Total
76 lb

And there you have it - not failing and not feeling guilty!

Quote of the Day

"Success is not final,
failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue
that counts."
Winston Churchill